Monday, June 22, 2015

By the Numbers So Far

June by the numbers:

3 Father's Day Celebrations:  a Big City gathering with the girls and families, a Tiny Town mini one with little girls, and a gooseberry pie gathering in the hometown with Dad.

5 Hiking/Walking trails trekked so far this summer, but I can change that to 6 after tomorrow morning. Goal: one new trail every week.

1 New pair of running shoes (Amazing how much better my feet, legs and back feel!)

2 Days until Big Brother begins again--Summer Guilty Pleasure #1

7 Ears of Corn + 4 tomatoes purchased from Farmer's Market. Nothing says summer like fresh homegrown produce.

2 Goobers enjoying the water park over the weekend-- 3 if you count Aunt LeLe

And finally- 0 lawn mowers working right now, but that's OK because 98 was the temperature today. Nobody should be mowing in this heat.

Down time--it's for sanity this summer!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I can hardly believe the size of your grands. It seems like they were just born.

Continue to have a great summer and keep as cool as you can.


Cousins said...

Laney Sue tooks like Lizzie Lou in this photo!! I'll be "home" next week.....hopefully we can get a visit in with everyone!! Hugs my CrAzY cousin!!

Kim said...

Looks like such fun! Enjoy!