Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Little Faces

After a two hour nap (she finally fell asleep!), Nana had a little lap child. She usually doesn't sit and snuggle for long these days; however, when she is sleepy, Nana reaps the benefit. 
We made it to the park.

Yesterday, I made a trip to see this little guy.
 He has a little rash on his cheek that Momma has to cover with a band aid; otherwise, he scratches it.  (I'm quite fond of the goldfish cracker bits on his face!)
Just like his cousin, he is pretty fond of slides, too.  

So besides snuggling that new little babe, the "big" kids have been fun lately, too.  We have a love-love relationship. Grandkids are pretty darn nice! I love these little faces!

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Kim said...

It looks as though you are enjoying your summer with those cute little faces! Who wouldn't?!