Wednesday, June 24, 2015


*I have been reading about Smash Books.  The best description: sloppy scrapbooking by throwing it together as you go.  I have been mulling over how to use this for my classroom notebooks. I need to pick some other brains.

*Water aerobics is kicking my buns! (Well, actually my arms.) Holy cow!  Last night, I figured out that the workout in shallower water (3 feet or so) is almost more difficult--and more of a leg workout.

*For planting this spring, I planted marigolds (which I'm not crazy about) and mint. Why? Bugs hate them. Since planting those marigolds, the gnats have almost disappeared and the mosquitoes are much fewer. I can live with the mint.  The marigolds....?! Oh, and the deer don't like them either.  Score!  Now, I am looking for uses for mint!

*My plan for the summer to walk one new trail every week is off to a great start. I have several more scouted out for the weeks to come. A couple of them will involve a trip of a half day, which is OK, too. I'm considering this part of my vacation this summer. (There is even a plan to walk around the section at the farm--not exactly a trail, but still a different view and a different hike.)

*This summer, I haven't been reading quite as much as I usually do, so I am off to the library this morning.

*Corn on the cob is delicious this summer.  Our cool weather and all this rain has made for great tasting corn! Yum!

*Did I mention that we planted a couple of cherry tomato plants at the Judge's house? The deer don't frequent his backyard.  I am ready for them to start producing!

*I rarely cook, but I am on chef duty tonight. Time to motivate myself. I'm pretty sure what I am making will involve the crock pot and little effort. Such a gourmet cook...!

*My favorite summer morning look is a pair of pink gingham cotton capri pj pants.  I've had them at least five years, and I inherited them from L.  They are starting to look a little ratty around the drawstring waist. I still love them. I'm not sure I'll ever find another pair!

And there are your randoms for today!  Happy June Summer Day!

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