Monday, June 1, 2015

This Day...

This was one of my 6:00 a.m. walking partners.
A sweet way to start the day.  Her momma, a teaching friend, and Baxter also joined in the fun. Five blocks in, Little Miss fell asleep, but she was a fun start to our walk.

This afternoon, I am keeping the Big Sister.  In fact, the Bug is supposed to be napping on my bed as I type.  We have plans for using the neighbor's swing or maybe even going to the park. Never mind. I went back to check, and there were tears because she was all alone. She is now napping on the couch. (Supposedly.)  Lots of turning and moving.  It is so hard to close your eyes when you are three.

On the other hand, the Mr. closes his eyes the minute he sits down. He can nap anywhere.  And he doesn't even want to go play on the swings.

Maybe we'll make it to the park. I'm not betting the farm on it.

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