Sunday, July 19, 2015

Clean Up Monday

Tonight, the end of the basement furniture we had already sold was picked up.  Now, it is time to start ripping out the carpet and sheet rock from our latest water leak. I know this will be a slow remodel, but at least it will be a start.

I also need to find the trim paint for the exterior. We had to have a little work done on a basement window and the garage trim. It is already primed, but I need to paint the trim now.

Finally, I would like to revamp the utility room.  Of course, I don't want to spend any money, so that always makes it more of a challenge.

There are three weeks left of this summer.  I have two workdays this week. Hopefully, I will be helping L with her classroom next week; and then, I have a couple of appointments and a mentor teacher meeting day in the last week of my summer.

The end of this summer will go fast, but it has been a good summer.  I'd like to end it by accomplishing a few more things at home and at school. If this blog is quiet, at least you'll know why!

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