Friday, July 24, 2015

Flippin' Friday

A few handsprings here.  (Well, in my head!)

*Tomatoes are finally ready to harvest.  Yum!  BLTs! 

*L has been cleared to work in her room at school.  Sometime next week, I will go to Big City to help her. She is one relieved 1st Grade Teacher!

*The English Curriculum work is done. We spent two days mapping out our curriculum and the standards each unit will cover. I'm feeling much more prepared for those classes. 

*My room is pretty much done. Or, it will be when they finally find and/or fix the leak in my ceiling, replace the ceiling tiles, drive the scissor lift out, and reattach my door.  (Yes, I have been a full access classroom all summer!)

*The Mr. is headed to a baseball game tonight. He is taking CB, CT, and CT's Dad. It has been several years since he has seen this team play. Guy's night out.

*We bought stain for our deck/steps. Now, if it would quit raining so we could apply it, that would be wonderful. The big news: the Mr. and I agreed on a color!

*My tech center at school is hooked up, and I learned how to work it. The Tech Guy gave me a quick lesson and made a couple of adjustments that I needed. (Kind of like our own Tiny Town High Geek Squad. They are the best!)

We've had a good week. The next two weeks are my last weeks of this summer vacation. Time is flying!

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Kim said...

Enjoy your last weeks of vacation! From your Facebook post, it looks like you'll spend at least part of it reading.