Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favorites and Randoms

*Water aerobics. Sometimes it kicks my buns, but it is a great workout in refreshing cool water.  I love swimming pools.

*An English Unconference.  Teachers in our state met and discussed a variety of issues.  I came away with quite a few ideas for this fall.  I am "almost" excited for school to start.  (I am really glad for a few more weeks of summer!)

*L's focus has suddenly shifted a bit.  There is a **sinkhole at her school, and she and other Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers are not to be in the building until further notice.  She is a bit panicked.  "Welcome to your new school.  Oh, and here's your *sinkhole."  *Calling it a land shift

*Big Brother has sucked me in again.  Pathetic.  On a good note, it is the only TV show I watch regularly in the summer.

*Golden Honeydew Melon. I have never loved honeydew.  Usually, it is just okay. The Golden Honeydew was absolutely delicious!! I could eat an entire melon everyday by myself.  YUM! (And we only bought one. Darn!)

*Stamps.  They are the Bug's latest interest. (The stamps with the ink pads.) I gave/loaned her the wooden box Mom used for her classroom stamps. It was a gift from one of her students. Now, the Bug has a place to store her stamps and ink pads.  I told her she will have to share with Cousin E and her little sister one of these days.

*A morning hike on a U Town trail.  As hot as it is, we walked a shorter trail...and then hit a favorite doughnut shop.  I'm hoping the hiking counteracted the calories!

*Cocoanut Oil, Lemonhead candy, Barn Quilts, Twitter, Blogs, walking, and reading-- these have made up the Easy Street summer.

There aren't many weeks left, so I have a few things to cram in yet: lunch with my newly retired friend, a visit to the Mr.'s cousins, trips to Big City, and a visit to the farm. Oh, and a couple of hikes to complete the summer of walking interesting trails.

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Mary said...

This is my last week of summer break. YUCK. At least I can get in my school, though.
I watched "Big Bother" when it first came out, but not so much anymore.
Enjoy the rest of your time!