Friday, July 3, 2015

Summer Hike #6

This morning's hike was not too far from the childhood farm. Three Tiny Town ladies and I enjoyed a beautiful, sometimes foggy and damp, hike. 

There are so many trails left to hike at this location--so much I haven't seen.  They give bus tours and guided tours, so I might be able to talk the Mr. into a day trip. Of course, sweet SIL and LuLu might be willing to hike this area, too.  We postponed, but I hope we reschedule.

Oh, did I mention we had lunch at a wonderful restaurant in the area?  Amazing.  Also discovered Ciderboys Pineapple Hula, a drink I plan to find locally!

So far this summer's hikes have included:
Favorite Nature Trail-- twice (once the two mile loop, the other the four mile version)
Favorite River Trail
J town hill trail   (J town trails hiked on the same day)
J town pond trail
Favorite hometown lake hike

Today's hike?  Beautiful prairie hike--6.4 miles

This sure has made my summer enjoyable.  We are researching a few more trails to hike in the weeks to come.

A great start to my holiday weekend!  Happy 4th of July!

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