Saturday, September 12, 2015

Color Run 2015

The Bug and I went to the Color Run. Mommy and Auntie L were supposed to join us, but they ran into conflicts. Niece LuLu, Friend E and her little girl C joined us.
These are the before pics, while we are still nice and clean.

 OK. So this one was before she started crying, but she was darn close.
Photo Courtesy Color Run
The Bug did not like the crowd at the start. Yes, we are in there somewhere. She looked at me, and said "I want to go home now." Then she cried. I finally carried her while niece LuLu pushed her stroller, until we were finally on the course. It was pretty crowded, and I imagine that when you are sitting in a stroller--it is overwhelming. 
Once the race was underway, she had a great time. By the end, she was challenging us to races--sure that she would win. (I was sure she would, too!) 
 Here are the after photos.

 And no one was more happy than the Bug when she realized that her glittery "Happy" tattoo didn't come off in her bath. 
Oh, and Nana was pretty happy when her color run shirt came clean. (Their "paint" is something that feels a bit like cornstarch and tempera paint, and I have always been able to get it out of my clothes without much work.)

I love the Color Run. They don't keep time. You can run or walk. (We did both.) People are laughing and happy. They call it the Happiest 5K on the Planet.  I think they are right. Even the support crew and trash guys are giving high fives to the walker/runners.

This one was billed as the Shine Color Run because the last station had silver glittery powder that they threw. (The glitter was like makeup glitter and not like craft project glitter. Thank goodness!)  I looked a bit like the Tin Man after that station.

We had a lot of fun, and now the Bug thinks we should do it for the next two years. Nana is in favor of that, minus the crying!

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It looks like you had 'fun'.

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