Friday, October 9, 2015

8 Days Later

This month is already getting away from me.

Let's see...

Planning for the new preps takes quite a bit of time.

Grading for the old prep takes quite a bit more time.

I've worked a couple of volleyball games and a cross country meet.

Several of us have spent time trying to put together a presentation we are giving at a State meeting later this month.

I haven't even seen the Bug or the Little Miss much. Lately, we haven't been at the same activities except for church.

That being said...

L, CB, and E are coming tomorrow.

We have a family reunion, turned fishing derby, on Sunday. The Mr. and CB are fishing. I'm hunting white elephants.

And I'm still planning and grading. Oh, and reading play scripts.

Now, I really should get busy doing laundry and cleaning.

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