Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Let me just say that my life has been nuts lately:

*1st Nine Weeks grades were due.

*I had a 12 hour grading day last weekend, preparing for Parent/Teacher conferences.

*My drama class has been helping on props and set painting for the fall musical, Cinderella. I'm not directing, but the drama class should be involved in productions.

*We finally presented at the State Department of Education conference yesterday. Putting the presentation together with colleagues took some time. Thankfully, it went really well. We even scored a couple of tweets about it. (Yes, Twitter is a great place for educators.)

*Two days at that conference meant leaving lesson plans for a sub.  And let me just say that leaving lesson plans is a lot more work with the three performance classes this year. Sheesh! I wanted to tell them to bring a book and read. Not exactly quality lesson plans.

In between all of this, the Mr. and I drove to Big City to babysit E, carved pumpkins with the Bug and her sister in Tiny Town, and battled a ridiculous amount of the lovely grass pinwheel thing-a-ma-bobbers. They are a plague. (Think Moses will show up saying "Let my people go?!")

Yes, it has been a hectic couple of weeks. Thankfully, tomorrow is a short day and the end of the school week. Whew! 

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Beth said...

I well remember that kind of week! I thought I might miss school some, but I don't. I do miss the kids ---well, some of them. ;>) Retirement was truly the right thing for me to do. I have never done 12 hour grading;kudos to you for being able to do it. The fibromyalgia made it impossible to tax the body and the brain for such a long time.
We didn't carve pumpkins with the grandkids; we painted them and had a blast doing them. I've been seeing my gkids at least once a week; have gone to volleyball and biddy league football, and kept them overnight a lot. My son is very appreciative.