Monday, November 9, 2015

So far this November

*We celebrated Little Man E's 2nd birthday and one of his sister's 9th. The kids had a great time climbing, sliding, and playing arcade games at a play center. I was exhausted watching them.

*I am grading, always grading. This weekend I spent about 8 hours catching up. I have been using Google Classroom for students to submit papers. The paperless school is becoming a reality. While I hate being buried under stacks of paper, I still love handwriting on paper. I'm not sure I will ever be able to give up paper completely in my classroom.

*Baxter and I have been walking/wogging in the mornings. Boy, the stars and planets have been beautiful. The extremely slow jogging is not so beautiful. This morning the coyotes were howling. (And I wasn't even singing!)

*The Tiny Town High musical is over. My drama classes sold magic wands that light up. They were a hit. (And that account now has some money in it.) After two nights of Cinderella, I should be through humming the songs by Christmas.

*I am teaching "Our Town" for the next two weeks. This is still one of my favorite units of the year. I love finishing it up right before Thanksgiving. Somehow, that seems appropriate.

*This week, Tiny Town Schools honor Veterans Day with a day out of school, putting this day up there with Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Easter. The teachers work on Martin Luther King and Presidents day. It is business as usual for Columbus day. Veterans Day, the entire school system is closed. I like the message that this sends.

Right now I am thinking: bring on the holidays! (And please, please, please don't let me have any grading during Thanksgiving and Christmas!)

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Kim said...

I love the music from the Rodgers and Hammerstein "Cinderella." So sing away!

Time is marching on. I can't believe we are already at November 9. I am behind on the Christmas shopping quest this year. I need to hear some ideas from the kids and grandkids.