Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 Year End

2015 The Year of...

*Standards Based Grading
*Changing my teaching subject area and moving into a new room
*A student teacher who became a colleague
*The retirement of the Speech/Drama teacher who began the year I did
*Another little Miss joining our family in April
*Hikes with family and friends at several trails
*Cherry tomato plants at LBB's house (remember--just ONE next year)
*Selling and getting rid of quite a bit of furniture
*A major leak in our basement, thanks to copper pipes springing a few holes
*Summer water aerobics
*A different job and school for L that came with its own sinkhole
*Vacation to the Land of Lincoln and Mark Twain's hometown
*Babysitting the Little Miss in my room at school while Mommy K worked
*Having the lights working on the little stage in my room
*Presentations on Standards Based Grading at the Secondary level
*The Mr.'s procedures on the veins in his legs
*U town football
*A visit from the little sis
*Bug's 4th Birthday and E's 2nd Birthday
*A lunchtime performance on the little stage
*An amazing "Going Home" service

I think I will remember this as the year of:
an NYC skyline
Organizing of files in 3 ring binders
Bubba cups and lunch crock pots
Rocks for yard landscaping
Stitch Fix
Deaths: CB's Dad, my counselor/coach/friend, a former student who battled cancer, a former student's suicide, a grade school classmate
Marigolds and mint plants
Haircuts for the Bug and E
Backpack on wheels, saving my shoulder every day
Color Run fun with LuLu and the Bug
Orlando conference and an amazing Epcot firework show on the last night
a crazy hit and run on my car
nail shellac
a fake firelplace app projected in my room
my 40th Class Reunion and All School Reunion
Anniversary #39
Birthday #58

2015 was a lot of work: standards based grading, all new lesson plans for three new classes, culling through 33 years of files, moving my entire room to a new classroom, organizing a prop/costume closet in the new room, and writing a standards based grading presentation. For next year, I'd be thrilled if the work/leisure ratio would even out a bit--especially in the summer.

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Mary said...

Once you write it down, you realize just how much you accomplished! :)
Happy New Year!