Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dec. 10

The Mr. is fighting the flu. (Maybe next time he will listen about getting the flu shot??)

I have spent the week projecting a fake fire in my classroom. (Fireplace 3D app) It looks and sounds like a fireplace. (Or maybe it sounds like bacon frying?) The power of suggestion is strong. My students think the room  is warmer, and I keep thinking I can smell wood smoke.

What else is happening?

*Students are checking out scripts for the spring show: "Father of the Bride."

*This is Tiny Town High's basketball tournament week.

*It is time to get finals together.

*No gifts are wrapped under the tree.

*I haven't even purchased the goods for Christmas baking.

And I call this the most wonderful time of the year?  Actually, the most wonderful time of the year begins after the last final is graded. Ho Ho Ho.

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Cousins said...

I don't get the flu shot EITHER.....It's just that he's NOT MEAN!!!
Love you my CrAzY cousin!!!