Sunday, December 6, 2015

Home From Orlando

I arrived home early Friday evening, froze at the U Town football game on Saturday, and spent today catching up on grading and planning for school. 

Orlando might not be an ideal place to host a conference. By the second day when we presented, there were quite a few missing attendees. The presentation went great, but most sessions on the second day were not well attended. Still, I came home with quite a few ideas from the two days of sessions I attended and some new contacts from around the country.

The worst part of coming home is the catching up. I have some students to visit with after my sub report. Lovely!  We've made a dent in the laundry and the Christmas shopping. (Shopping was all done online.)

I've been debating whether to decorate my room at school for the holidays. With only two weeks before the Winter Break, I'm thinking that is going to be a no.

And now, it looks like I've brought some of those Orlando temperatures home with me. And silly me, I put my sandals away....again!

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Anonymous said...

The national conference I attend every year: in February, in Columbus, OH. Usually everyone attends the sessions- there isn't much else to do!!!! BJB