Monday, December 28, 2015

The Best Christmas Gift

We haven't done much for gifts in recent years. This year, we bought for the kids and each adult brought a grab bag gift. There was a t-ball glove for the Bug, Noah's Ark for E, rolling duffel bags for the big girls, and a dancing robot for the littlest Miss. (And that robot has nothing on her! She's got moves!) The grab bag brought Starbucks, selfie sticks, cash, phone/key finder tile, and a pint size air hockey table.

However, the best gift wasn't wrapped or even given with a bow. In fact, it was kind of an impromptu work party.

 *The grands and L picked up all the sticks from the last ice storm and added them to a nice collection of a woodpile we have going. Even the E was carrying sticks around.  (He and the Bug haven't discovered that this is work!)

  *But best of all CB moved and fit the rocks that CT brought us in the fall. He and L helped make the retaining wall behind our deck. I'm not sure the Mr. and I would ever have been able to do it. It took him about 45 minutes, and it would have been a couple of days for us! Now, let's hope that CB's back doesn't go out. He is amazing! (I couldn't even budge one of the rocks he moved.)
I have a hunch we are going to be doing some cement work to seal the wall, but CB did the digging and placed the rocks where they needed to be. Bless his heart!

Yes, it was a great Christmas--and today, we have a bit of snow!


Kim said...

Yay for free labor! Sounds like you had a great holiday. I liked your photo with someone using their new selfie stick. Enjoy your winter break!

Mary said...

That's what I'm talking about: togetherness. My boys all scattered Christmas Day: 1 to kayak, 1 to a friend's house, and 1 to a girlfriend's.