Thursday, January 21, 2016

All A Matter of Time

We have six inches of snow on the ground, and it is still falling. Tiny Town Schools have a snow day, so I finally have time to play catch up in Blog World.


Auditions are over and "Father of the Bride" has been cast. We've had one rehearsal. One. Bad weather is going to put a dent in rehearsal time.

The Forensics team had their first outing last Saturday and placed 5th out of 21 teams. Six students placed in the top five in their event.

I've started a strength training class for women. There are about seven or eight of us who gather at 5 in the morning two days a week to work with the weights coach at Tiny Town High. I am feeling it. Going from standing to sitting can be a challenge!

We made a quick trip to Big City after the Forensics Tournament to spend the night with L and family. We went to church and brunch the next day to celebrate L's birthday. It was a fun trip. That little E is such a little charmer--and a goofball. Love that sweet little guy.
So that's the good news.

The not so great news?

The Mr. is having trouble with one of his legs again. The doctor is wondering if the procedure on a vein needs to be done again. He also started physical therapy for his right leg which has no strength. They insisted he use a cane until it becomes stronger, as they can't believe his leg hasn't collapsed on him. Hopefully, the exercises they have given him to improve leg strength and the physical therapy will help him.

The really rotten news?

A pipe in the basement had a leak. (Copper pipes that eventually can spring a leak.) We don't know how long it had been leaking, but all of the basement was wet except for one bedroom. The ceiling had water damage, as did the floors, and walls. Estimate was somewhere between $8-10 thousand dollars. We've had nine industrial fans running for almost a week (hate to see the electricity bill!) trying to dry the place out. So I guess we are remodeling the basement. Ugh! I am thinking that renting looks better and better!

Well, eight hours later, my snow day took a turn. The Mr. came home from work sick: gray, hoarse, and kind of shaky. The Dr. said he should visit the ER where they ran several tests. They think he might have a relapse of his bronchitis/pneumonia, so they pumped some antibiotics into him. We are headed back to the hospital tomorrow for an MRI. (His Dr. is a believer in covering all his bases.)  So I went to school to leave lesson plans and organize for my sub.

Finally, Happy Birthday, Dad! We are missing dinner with you tonight. We will have to catch up you another night.

Time? It feels like I don't have enough to go around...maybe by spring break?

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Mary said...

Little E is just adorable!
Hope the Mr. gets to feeling better soon. :(