Saturday, January 9, 2016

Coffee Stains, Vicks, and One Word Walls

First week back. And what a week it was...

*Ridiculous cold. I'm not contagious, just uncomfortable. Starting on Week 4.

*K's little girls had the stomach flu. (It is going around daycare.) Now, K has it, too.

*I spilled coffee all over my white shirt and my desk on Friday morning.

*Then, two hours back-to-back had new students. That means the first 10 minutes of class was spent trying to get them oriented, and the other 18 students might or might not have been working on their project. (Take a guess!)

*Auditions are next week, so students were wandering in and out of my room with questions.

*The first forensics tournament is next weekend, so I was submitting entries and purchase orders. I don't want to have a phone tree for weather emergencies, so I put together a text message group on Remind.

*Thursday night, my phone charger wasn't plugged into the wall, so even though I thought I was charging my phone all night, I went to school with a phone that had 15% battery.

On a good note, it is Saturday morning, and I am being a bum. The Mr. is at work, and I am in my pajamas and on my second cup of coffee. Eventually, I will get going. Just.Not.Yet.

This was the highlight of the week.
The "bulletin board" is up. Well, there is now an information sign on my door in the main hall.

On the opposite side of my door, inside my room, is the "Word for 2016" wall.
These are my student's focus words for the year ahead.

Crazy week. In spite of the chaos, I had a really good week. My students have some pretty incredible projects in the works. I love it when they surprise me by their thoughtfulness and effort. (I'll share some of that next week.)

In the meantime, I'm throwing away the coffee stained shirt (coffee never comes out), living with the coffee stained papers, and growing to love the sweet perfume (!) of Vicks. 

Oh, and I can't wait for next week!

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Mary said...

Hope you're feeling better! Coffee on a white shirt: UGGGH!