Sunday, January 24, 2016

Am I Having Fun Yet?

Do you think it would be possible to find the calorie count for grading papers?  Yeah, me neither.

My semester of h*e*double hockey sticks is in full swing: nightly play rehearsals, forensics tournaments for the next three Saturdays, paper grading, lesson planning, and state testing.

Even the state tests have taken on a few new twists this year. A reading and writing portion of it will be given at the end of February. The regular one will be given after Spring Break.

Throw in a husband who has been sick, a garage full of basement contents and a basement that is very nearly gutted, and I could cry.

If I had time.

Which I don't.

Probably a good thing.


Mary said...

Hang in there...tomorrow is coming! :)

Anonymous said...

Be sure and take care of yourself!! BJB

Kim said...

It sounds as though you have more than enough on your plate. Good luck with it all!