Saturday, February 13, 2016


Today was our last Forensics meet for awhile. We've been out every weekend for the last three weeks. Now, it is time to concentrate on the play.

"Father of the Bride" will start four day a week rehearsals and then switch over to five days a week. The set is almost built, but it needs painted and decorated. Hopefully, my drama class will be involved in that. The show runs March 10th and 11th--and then it will be spring break.

Forensics will be on hiatus until after break. Then I promised the squad we would attend as many tournaments as we could.

I'm ready to have a weekend back again.


On another note, while I was judging in the tournament today, my chair started bouncing and shaking. I guess I was feeling an earthquake. It happened quite a few miles away, but I sure felt it.

I'm actually wondering if I felt another one the day before at about the same time. I was standing at the podium in front of my class and felt a strange vibration. It lasted for quite a few seconds. The kids said they didn't feel it.

Yes, the students looked at me like I was nuts.

And... I might be. 

The jury is out on that one.

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Beth said...

I just got caught up on your news since Christmas. Quite a bit going on. I am substitute teaching, but I've only had one afternoon so far. I didn't start until Feb. It was 3rd grade. They were cute and well-behaved. We've had several days of no school due to snow so hopefully next week I will get some more jobs. The extra money would be nice. I turned down preschool art for today. Preschool-age grandkids are one thing; a whole classroom of them is quite another. I wasn't brave enough!!
I've been taking it easy and getting caught up on stuff. I do a lot of reading: about a 300 plus page book every two days. It's a luxury I've not gotten tired of.
I'm not missing the grading of papers and the hassles of standardized tests or of the many hoops educators have to jump through. I do miss the kids--always the kids.
I've joined the local historical society and work at our Victorian museum. I also joined a women's group at church and Jr. Women's Club here in our small town. (The jr. part is fairly irrelevant.) I bake and cook for funeral dinners at our church and am a much more active grandmother now that I don't have to balance work and fibromyalgia with being one. Fibromyalgia and grandmothering were the main reasons I retired 4 years early.
I liked getting caught up on your life and enjoy hearing about school stuff. Take care! b. (I guess I should have emailed this. Oh well.)