Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oh me! Oh my!

*My little man E has been so sick. His temperature has shot up several times to the scary stage. L and CB are about worn out, but it sounds like he is finally down to a low grade fever. I'm pretty sure that even though they have visited STAT care, they will be headed to the Dr.'s office tomorrow.  Poor little guy. (This is when Nana wished she lived closer.)

*The littlest Miss in the T household seems to be bypassing the crawling and going straight to pulling herself up. She's trying to keep up with Big Sis.

*Father of the Bride is coming together. This week is Tech Week. I am halfway dreading it. I'm not sure the actors are ready for this, but maybe it will light a fire under a few of them. To top it off, my actress playing the bride is having some health issues and quite a few tests this week. (Understudies!) And Little Big Brother/Assistant Director is leaving for a conference at the end of the week. He will be back for closing night. Yes, I am nervous.

*I bought myself new Converse tennis shoes this weekend. (They call them Chuck Taylor's now. I guess that makes them cooler than just plain Converse.) I wore shoes like these for volleyball and basketball in high school. My feet think they are 16 again!

*Unseasonably warm weather has me wishing for Spring Break. Two weeks. (We'll probably have snowstorms that week.)

*To top it off, my sophomores are taking the first round of State assessments tomorrow and Tuesday. This is a new one--one I haven't given before. I guess we will be learning together.

*My basement is torn up and waiting for repairs. Next up, hiring someone to do the work. (Now, if we only had time to do that right now.)

*Parent/Teacher conferences are over for the year. I saw a few parents I really needed to see. I also saw a lot of former students--who are now parents. *sigh!

 Enjoy your last day of February and your extra day this year. I plan to give tests, finish the set dressing, go to our first tech rehearsal, grade papers, and drink a whole lot of coffee. (And I'm wishing that was wine!)


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I hope little man E will soon be all well.

Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

Kim said...

I hope your little guy is back to his smiling self soon! I know what you mean about the little sister wanting to be big. We definitely have the same with our granddaughters.

Good luck with keeping all the balls you're juggling in the air! That sounds like quite a task at the moment.