Monday, March 7, 2016

All Set

This is year five of directing. And in all those years, I have never done a traditional box set. Our theater doesn't have a counterweight system, so we can't fly sets or have free standing walls. On top of that, our stage is mammoth.  I've used quite a few platforms, projections, and even a few small walls on wheels.

Father of the Bride requires a box set of the family home. I figured out the details of how to create a box set on our stage, and the construction tech classes made it happen. (Behind these walls are four foot platforms from Cinderella. I made use of them to hold our walls.)

There are still a few things I would change, but I am just glad to know that it can be done! 
(Oh, and I already have plans for the next one!)

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Beth said...

Looks great! I had great artists in drama class the years that I directed--makes a huge difference. You've been blessed with some wonderful talent.