Sunday, April 17, 2016

Ah, April

April is such a pretty month around here. Warm temperatures, prom, flowering trees, and the early spring flowers.

Of course, it is also the month of taxes, finishing testing, dandelions, thunderstorms, and students never in school.

So, testing is done, except that several of us are in the process of grading some of the state writing tests. We've spent one day grading and will have another grading day at the end of the coming week. The grading we are doing is online, so those results are available at the press of a button. Of course, none of us will know results until the end of November. (The computerized test can't give results sooner than that?? Really??)

Filing taxes has been interesting this year. We never have a refund. We don't pay a huge amount, but we always pay. So when we received a letter from the IRS asking us to call, we were surprised. (We hadn't filed yet.) Seems like someone had already filed on the Mr.'s number and was requesting a pretty hefty refund. They flagged it and contacted us. The culprits won't be receiving their refund, but of course, it made mincemeat out of our filing process. We filed our taxes, sent the check, and they said it will probably take until fall to clear up the mess. Thank goodness they caught it.

Regional forensics is over. State contest will be in two weeks. The students have performed fairly well this year. (And I finally feel like I know what I am doing, and what I need to do differently next year.)

I am blogging because I am behind on grading, and I am procrastinating. I am owning my procrastination. Especially today. It is dreary outside, and I could sleep all day. I won't, but I could.

A couple other updates: the littlest granddaughter is walking, little man E "kissed" me on Facetime and his lips ended up hanging up on me, and the Bug scored a couple of goals at soccer on Saturday. Also, my former colleague who was in the house fire died within a few hours after being airlifted to the burn center. Her service was on Saturday while I was at Regional Forensics. So sad. (And I hated to miss it.)

OK. Time to put a lid on the procrastination and get with it.

Or maybe, I will watch CBS Sunday Morning.

Grading? Or taking it easy?  Right now, taking it easy is winning.

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