Saturday, April 23, 2016

Beautiful Spring

We've had cool temperatures at night and warm temperatures during the day. Perfect spring weather! Since the rain this last week (around two inches), the wind finally turned into gentle breezes. Beautiful!

Baxter and I have been enjoying early mornings together. He is glad to be back on the streets of Tiny Town, claiming his territory as he goes. He gets me out for a walk, even when I would rather sleep in. The trade off is that I enjoy a quiet town, full moons, and the smell of lilacs.

We are off to watch the Bug play soccer this morning and snuggle with her little sister, too! Then we are headed to Big City to do a little mattress shopping and see L, CB, and Little E. This is my kind of Saturday.

If I could just finish one more set of essays, this weekend would be darn near perfect!

And now, I hope I didn't jinx the weather by talking about how perfect it has been. I think I am enjoying it so much this year, because last year there was only a day of spring and then it was summer--and hot!

Happy Spring!

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