Sunday, May 22, 2016

Blogs--In Absentia

I have been an inconsistent blogger for the past year or two. Life has required more time. Writing and/or blogging has had to take a back seat. And that has led me to wonder what has happened to a couple of my favorite bloggers.

Heidi at 2 Thinks has been AWOL since October of 2012.

Rachel at Small Notebook hasn't written since January or February of 2015.

Even a local blogger, Kelli of The Hays Crew, has taken a year off.

I wonder if their lives have been in the way of their blogging.

Heidi was dealing with Empty Nest issues the last time she posted. I hope she is OK. I loved her stories of work on her house, home schooling and watching her children fly.

Rachel worries me a bit more. Her last post ended with her diagnosis of breast cancer which had spread to other areas of her body and attached to her bones. Her blog was my introduction to the "simplifying" movement. In fact, she shared "no spend" month with her readers. I loved her photos and tips, so I hope she is well and focusing on her health.

I am fortunate to keep up with Kelli on Facebook. She is a teacher and I know that she has switched grade levels yet again. (That about ended my blogging time!) Her son and I are friends on Instagram, and his photography is always a joy. I happen to know that he and his twin sister just graduated from a local university, too. I miss Kelli's blog, but I like that I can still keep up with her.

There are several other bloggers who blog in spurts the way that I do. I have a hunch they are pursuing careers or chasing children. I hope that they are not dealing with medical issues or other problems that stop their fingers from writing or their hearts from being able to share.

So this Sunday morning I am saying a little prayer for the bloggers out there whose voices have been silenced--and I'm hoping that the silence is because of too darn much busy fun to stop and blog.

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