Thursday, May 12, 2016

End of the School Year Celebrations

Yesterday was the last day for the seniors. The class of 2016 is almost history.

Last night, we had the retirement celebration for my English colleague. She was at Tiny Town High when I arrived, and we have taught together for 34 years now. I'm happy for her, but can't imagine not seeing her every day.

This weekend, we are celebrating graduations. L graduates with her Masters in Administration this Saturday. We are so proud of her completing this Masters with a little one.

Tiny Town High graduation is on Sunday. K will actually get to be there this year. Last year, she was on maternity leave, so this will be her first graduation here.

And to add to the end-of-the-year fun, the district is choosing a new Superintendent. Three interviews are this week and one is next. I hope we find a replacement who will be good for our district.

Counting today, I have four days with all of my students, and six days with the students taking finals.

I can almost see summer from here.

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