Friday, May 27, 2016

Real World Teacher Summer Problems

Tornadoes rolled through our area again Wednesday night. And when I say rolled, I mean funnels, sometimes a half mile wide, on the ground for 90 minutes. Tiny Town was fortunate this time in that the tornado only came about a quarter of a mile from where it entered town the last time. (I have written about the tornado of 2008 many times, as the sidebar will attest.)

This time many country and farm family's homes and farms were destroyed. The devastation is sickening: beautiful old turn of the century homes all but destroyed, several more modern ranch style homes with nothing but a basement left, farm implements twisted and thrown for miles, a horse and other livestock unaccounted for, and so many lives disrupted. And again, miles and miles of trees completely wiped out.

There were no fatalities and only a few minor injuries. That is a blessing.  There are crazy stories of heavy metal barrels ending up on the 2nd story of a home, with no idea of where it came from, and tractor tires embedded in the wall of a non farm family's home. The stories of survival are amazing and quite frightening.

So my problem of not being able to shut off my teacher brain is minor. The elementary school teacher who lost her home? Now, she has problems. The people who lost everything? They have problems. Me? I have nothing to complain about.


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Mary said...

Glad you're okay, but my heart goes out to those who lost everything they had.