Monday, May 23, 2016

Teacher Summer Problems

I am guilty of not accomplishing much around the house during the school year. Summer begins. and while I really want to realax, I end up...not!

Today, I cleaned out the pantry, two cabinets, and two boxes from the basement. I have an entire table of goods for the garage sale in early June. I am getting rid of a couple of appliances, trays, travel mugs, a box of scrap booking paper, and quite a few other items we have been storing rather than using. I keep wondering why I am storing things.

After I broke a glass lid (shattered that thing!) and needed the Mr. to finish some work in the pantry, I gave up the cabinet cleaning and switched into teacher mode...  argh!

Besides making a couple of new templates for tracking student progress next fall, I spent the afternoon working on my lesson plan book for next year. Obviously, I'm not writing lesson plans, but I did add all of the calendar dates and reminders for changes in schedule.!

Lest you think I have totally lost my mind, the Mr. and I did make a trip to Big City to celebrate this dear aunt's birthday!
She is every bit as lovely as she looks and three times as much fun. She always makes me laugh. The stories I could tell! (And probably will one of these days!)  She has five kids who are just as much fun as she is. Her youngest daughter is my cRaZy cousin who lives on the East Coast. Since she couldn't make it, we might have sent her family pictures with me taking her place in the photos!
We had a great time celebrating.

So I'm not all work and no play. I just have to pace myself. By the end of the summer, I will need to be working on school things and won't be able to make myself do it. It all seems to even out.

Now, I am off to sweep up shattered glass. *sigh!


Anonymous said...

So happy that you "joined" our Family for the Birthday Girls celebration! Love the photo!

Mary said...

Your lesson plan books look great! Are you selling on TpT?

Mrs. E said...

No TpT. I designed the original pages in Lesson Book #1. Since then the students in our printing business have tweaked them and designed my covers. I requested polka dots last year and chevrons this year, but they design it for me. I'm a big fan of teacher sharing and not charging teachers. So, if you ever see something you might want, let me know. I will send it by email.