Monday, May 2, 2016


As a kid, I can remember rolling paper into cones, adding yarn for a handle, and filling the cone full of Mom's lilacs. We would deliver a May basket on May Day to Grandma. We'd knock on the door and run. (Of course, it was fun to be caught in the act, too.)

When K and L were small, they delivered May baskets to their babysitter. The "baskets" were usually made out of the paper cones or a Styrofoam cup.

And now it is the next generation's turn. The Bug has delivered May baskets for several years. Last year, I helped her deliver them because Mommy was in the hospital having her baby sister.  This year, the Bug and Mommy delivered. The Bug assured me that next year Little Sis would join in. She was just too little this year.
I loved this mug of flowers! So sweet.

Speaking of traditions, the littlest granddaughter received this from her mommy and daddy for her 1st birthday.
K found it on Ebay. A horse quite similar to this belonged to Little Sis in California when she was a toddler. Grandpa at the Farm made a rocking horse for the girls when they were little and used Little Sis's horse for the pattern. K is pretty sure there will be a fight for the horse Grandpa made someday.
The horse Dad made is still on Easy Street. The handle has been chewed by Baxter,
but the kids still love playing with it.
When they aren't here, it sits on a shelf just keeping an eye on things.

Some traditions are worth keeping.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! The homemade rocking horse looks very familiar. We had one growing up and now have ones made by Gma & Gpa B. in our homes!! BJB