Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hanging Out on Easy Street

Let's see...

We've had a chance to hang out with E without his parents last Saturday. They went to a wedding, and we went out to eat, drove by their new house (July!), and played with the crazy guy at his house. He is so good and very adaptable. I especially loved his combination gymnastics and interpretive dance. This could only be performed on a huge blanket with every wrinkle out of it. (His mat, I guess.) We had such a good time.

Last Sunday, we saw the Bug's Bible School Program at church. What a difference a year makes! She joined in on the singing and dancing, no encouragement needed.

After her program we took off to meet up with quite a few CrAzY cousins at a park. CraZy Cousin Ree was here from Virginia. We had a great time catching up. Three aunts, an uncle, and many littles were present. Oh, and one adorable lab puppy was there. E loved that little guy. I'm pretty sure there is a dog in E's future!

The Mr. returned to his surgeon. He is still restricted on lifting or overdoing. There hasn't been much healing, quite a bit of infection (almost gone now, thanks to antibiotics), and a chance of more surgery ahead. He will have weekly appointments with his surgeon now and if healing isn't happening, they will make a new plan. We are fairly bummed, but dealing with it.

We've been fighting gnats and mosquitoes in Tiny Town. They are horrible. I guess a wet spring will do that for you. Marigolds and mint aren't having much affect this year, and neither are bug sprays, etc.; therefore, I have resorted to Lemongrass, Tea Tree, and Peppermint oils. I feel a bit like a witch doctor mixing up a brew. Will this work? Time will tell.

Last week, laundry was drying incredibly fast on the line. This week is a different story. I guess 90% humidity and little wind is to blame. I think that laundry is going to be hanging a bit longer today, so we really are hanging out on Easy Street.

Oh, and this afternoon the Big Bug and Little Bug are coming to hang out with Nana. Mommy is at a conference, and Daddy could probably use a break on Day #3.

Hanging out. It's what I do.
Mrs. E

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