Thursday, June 2, 2016


The Mr. had a minor (?) surgical procedure done yesterday on a sore on his stomach that wouldn't heal. Thirty plus stitches later, he has orders to do no lifting of more than 15 pounds for the next two weeks. So...

One of our solutions to water in the basement was adding soil to create a slope away from the house. We had started this the night before surgery, but I finished it up yesterday by buying, hauling, and spreading out eight 40 pound bags of topsoil. It was a workout.

Now, we need gutter extensions to carry the water further from the foundation. After this, we are gutting the rest of the basement. Of course, that can't happen until some of the trash containers come back into town. (The tornado victims are using all available containers right now. As they should be. Maybe by next week, there will be one to pull in.)

The Mr. returns to the surgeon on June 14th. Hopefully, he will be healed and cleared. Until then, I don't really need to do strength training classes. These muscles are getting a workout!

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Mary said...

No, I'd say you're all good with not going to the gym or doing extra workouts!