Friday, July 1, 2016

Love and Hate

*Mint green converse tennis shoes--purchased from L who had to wear them as a bridesmaid in a wedding.
*Veggie Straws-- the little bitty Bug's allergies allow this snack, and they are delicious.
*Water Parks with Lazy Rivers- floating in the water on a beautiful summer day is wonderful!
*Watermelon is great this year-- I could eat the whole thing myself.
*Big Brother--my summer reality show and guilty pleasure.
*My clothes line--I can't imagine my utility bills without it

*Exhaustion and sore throat--summer isn't a great time to feel sick.
*Charging necessary and such a nuisance
*Baxter's fear of fireworks--the next few days should be fun. (Actually, I end up with far more lap time than normal. Not all bad.)
*Picking up all the limbs after high winds (that means almost daily!)

AND... I could do without shaving my legs, but I'm afraid that isn't an option in the summer.

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