Monday, July 18, 2016

Random Thoughts on Monday

*One month from today will be the first day with students for the 2016-2017 school year. We need to slow this train down!

*The basement remodel is maybe 1/3rd complete. The sheet rock is to go up this week while the Mr. and I attempt to get the floors in condition for the flooring. (That involves a lot of scraping.) Still keeping my fingers crossed for being finished the first of August. This is probably overly optimistic.

*This is the dumpster we are renting. We have two weeks left, and the dumpster is quite full. (Some might say overflowing.)

If I have to get up on it and stomp it down, we will make sure we have enough room for all of our debris and clutter. On top is our lovely collection of branches from our windy weather. One word of advice: I don't think this is a dumpster that should be on anyone's dumpster diving list. Not a thing of value inside!

*I have been living in gym shorts this summer. They are comfy and cool. They are also never leaving the house unless I am exercising. In the dark.

*Because of the gym shorts, this has become my new best friend.
I picked up this little electric razor (battery powered) for a song. It fits in my purse. Every time I discover that I need to stand a little closer to my regular razor, I can pull this out and shave the spot I missed. Voila! Now, I can be really sloppy shaving my legs.

*L has taken the job of Instructional Coach in a different elementary school in her current district. She is excited for the change. This is a good step to becoming an administrator. We are so happy for her.

*Did I mention that I have poison ivy? I do. *sigh  Spray-on Calamine lotion is my new best friend. That being said, a couple spots are on my face (not a fan of calamine pink) so the Clear Cal works really well, too. *double sigh  To top it all off, I have no idea how I ended up with poison ivy. I'm blaming Baxter.

So maybe when school starts a month from today, the basement will be done, the dumpster will be gone (lovely yard art), my legs will be shaved, and the poison ivy will be gone.

Time will tell...!
Mrs. E

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