Thursday, July 14, 2016

Things Learned While Babysitting

K and CT came home last night and surprised the girls by arriving early. Both girls were quite happy to see them.

So what did Nana and Papa learn?

*Little Bug is not only fast, she is also persistent. The two main attractions: stairs and toilets.

*Bigger Bug really likes technology. We had to limit video viewing.
*Little Bug has a bit of a temper. She tries to hit, pinch, and bite. After taking a swing at Papa and being scolded, she acted like she was patting his arm as an apology; however, while smiling at him, she tried to pinch him. She is quite the charmer.

*Bigger Bug will disappear when she is upset, mad, or pouting. Nana had to hunt her down more than once.

*Sonic corn dogs and fries are a game changer. Things get done when Sonic is involved. (Corn Dog for Big Bug and fries for Little Bug.)

*Three adults are necessary to take two kids swimming. All hands were needed. Thank you, sweet sister-in-law and LuLu.
*Nana and Little Bug can sleep for six hours in a recliner. One of us slept more than the other. You can probably guess who.

*Big Bug asked when she could have gray hair. I told her soon enough. She said she really wants it now. (We'll talk in about 20 years.)

*Little Bug is quite obsessed with the tennis ball hanging in their garage. (It tells K how far to pull in.) The little stinker has to hit it and send it swinging at least once every trip through the garage.

*Picking up after these two is a full time job. 

*Silly Dilly Duckling is a cute children's book the first and second time you read it. After 18+ times, I was tempted to burn it. (The Little Bug was obsessed.)

*Big girls sometimes need a little one-on-one time because little sis demands quite a bit of attention. Big girls also still need naps--even when they tell you they don't.
*The Big Bug was pretty thrilled when Daddy told her that they were never going on vacation without her again. (She might have taken that to mean they were never going anywhere without her again. She wouldn't mind that either!)

*Mainly, I'm not sure how K gets out of the house in the morning. There is so much baggage that comes with kids, I didn't have enough arms.

*Who am I kidding? I'm not sure where she finds the patience or time to accomplish anything. Just finding time to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom is challenging.

*Given enough sleep (and wine!),  Nana and Papa will recover. And then be ready to go again. Pretty sweet girls!


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Loved seeing the pics of you and the little bugs. :-)

Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Anonymous said...

What a fun (and exhausting) time for you!! BJB