Thursday, August 4, 2016

Creative Mind of Bug

The Bug turns five on the 16th of the month. She would be eligible for school, but they have decided to send her next year. She would be really young for this class. I voted in favor of that decision. Frequently, my summer birthday kids struggle--not academically, but socially and emotionally.

Right now, the Bug is quick to pout, not sleeping terribly well, and her frustrations turn to tears pretty quickly. That being said, she is a prank playing trickster, too. She is also fairly intuitive--a lot like her mommy at this age. The Disney fairy tales where parents die or are already dead has caused quite a bit of anxiety. We've banned a few. When she said goodbye to Daddy on his way to work everyday with a caution of "Don't die," it was time to give Frozen a rest. (I'm ready to move on to Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!)

That being said, her mind is quite creative. She disappears to her room sometimes when she is sad or mad or sometimes just to play. If you call for her, she will sail a piece of paper off the top of the stairs. The paper usually has Bug "emoticons"--a girl with a sad face or a happy face. She puts her name on it, so you know for sure it is her. Lovely. The child feels her feelings--and is happy to let you know it. Sad face = mad or sad. Happy face = playing. Good to know.

Buggy has an imaginary friend named C. (Literally, his name is C. ??!) I hadn't heard about him for awhile and thought she had given him up, but I had to make room for him in bed during reading time the other night. I have also set a spot for him at a tea party and made sure that he had writing paper and pencils, too. She talks to him quite a bit when he is present. He seems to come and go.

On the way to get a haircut the other night, Mommy stopped to buy her some supper for the road. She started moving her straw up and down in her cup, listening to the noise it made. (Quite annoying actually!) Pretty soon, she had a rhythm to it. Then she handed me her empty nugget box, and said, "Nana, you be the drum." So I was on nugget bongos and she was on soft drink straw. *sigh!  Think we have a rapper on our hands?  Quite possibly. Mommy said the next day, she came down the stairs using scissors to make another rhythm noise for her rhythm band. Oi!

Last night, Papa and I took her to some pre-fair activities. We stopped at a packed Sonic, and to kill time waiting for our order, played a game of "I Spy." She spied something yellow--and we guessed everything in sight. We finally gave up and asked what she saw. She said, "Well, in Bible School they showed God (Jesus??) in a yellow coat, and I saw HIM!!!" Let it be known, that there was no one in sight at Sonic in a yellow coat and especially not with the 100+ temperatures yesterday. BUT...she was certain that she had seen God. Who am I to argue?

And that is our Bug at age "almost five." She is our funny little nut--and we love her to pieces!
PS. She LOVES her Nana and staying on a sleepover is still a treat. Treasuring these days while they last!
Mrs. E

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Kim said...

I loved reading about your Bug. I think she and our oldest granddaughter would be quite a pair. They will both be in kindergarten next year, though K's birthday isn't until December. Her younger sister has an early September birthday, and people would comment to Jill about it being sad "she missed the cutoff." But they are just as glad there is no decision to be made. You are so lucky to live so close!