Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Last Weeks of My Summer

These last few weeks have been pretty busy. I am trying to cram in all the things that I haven't completed yet this summer. Combine that with preparing for the 2016-2017 school year, and life starts becoming a little hectic.

K, the girls, and I all went to Big City to see L's new house. It was fun to watch the kids play, but challenging to pen in that littlest of bugs. We also attempted some shopping. Have you ever taken three kids to IKEA? Even with three adults, it was a bit of a challenge. I was quite glad for the store maps and little pencils. Two of the three littles were occupied for part of the time with writing/drawing. I was the only one who hadn't planned to buy a thing, and I spent the most money (wedding and birthday gifts). While K and the girls returned to Tiny Town, I spent the night. The next day, L and I went to the gym and did a bit of back-to-school shopping. We had a great time.

I've completed two of the three doctor appointments that I had scheduled before school starts.

The dumpster is now gone. We did a great job of filling it to the brim--and a little over.

Our basement walls have now been taped and mudded. Next up will be the sanding, painting, and finally the floor. I will be glad when it is all done.

The Mr. and I are headed to visit his cousins this weekend, and the Bug and I are trying to find a sleepover date. (Mommy is in charge of that one.)

Finally, I have spent some time at school, putting my room back together. I think I am about done with that and now need to get on with lesson planning.

Perhaps the most important thing on the agenda is to read the latest Harry Potter book.

Gotta keep the priorities straight, you know!
Mrs. E

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