Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Flip Side

This summer has really been a lot of fun. Of course, there is always a flip side. And here is mine:

*The basement remodel is still in the works. The guy working on it works another full time job so we are on his schedule when he has time. Right now we are waiting on the sanding of the tape on sheet rock. I really wanted to have it done before school started. Right now, I am hoping for completion by Labor Day, but perhaps I should count on Halloween.

*A week ago, I was working at school in the scene shop. Quite a few pieces had been moved because they were painting the stage. As I walked by an arched door, it fell on me. Besides smacking me in the head fairly hard, it landed on my right wrist. Nothing is broken, but my wrist is bruised and still a bit swollen. That's what I get for working at school before I really have to!

*Dry feet. Mine are horrible this summer. Ugh!

*The upstairs guest bedroom is a wreck! It is storing three beds (vertically) and all the pillows and bedding for those beds. Throw in the toy storage for the grandkids, and it looks a bit like a warehouse that has blown up! My guest bedroom will be really happy when the basement remodeling is done, too.

*My iPhone battery can't make it through a day. contract isn't up until December. I need to invest in a 2nd charger for school just to make it through the day.

*Having a great student volunteer to be my Teacher Aide, and then finding out the only hour he can do it is during my largest performance class. (I'm taking him anyway, but I anticipate that adding one more thing to an already full plate that hour.)

More weeds than grass, too many flies and mosquitoes, and all of the dust are on my list every year. This year is no different.

Overall, these are minor inconveniences. I'm grateful for that.

Now, if I could only locate my flyswatter!

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