Sunday, October 2, 2016

Numbers Numbers Numbers

31 wonderful days in this month

7 sophomore boys (no girls) in my 7th hour English class. They end my day with a laugh. Every single day!

3 English classes daily, plus speech, drama, and forensics classes. It is a busy day, but I love it.

369 papers to grade for a short story unit. 369 papers to grade for 5 short stories. 9 writing assignments for 5 short stories. Do I sound in shock? I am. Writing/grading overdose.

2 little girls to babysit while Mommy and Daddy celebrate their wedding anniversary. (Tough job, but somebody has to do it!)

19 LulaRoe clothing pieces purchased or earned in the last couple months. 21 if you count the two I bought for gifts. This addiction is real. Yikes!

 0 classroom dollars to spend this year. I opened a package of sticky notes the other day, and a student asked "Did you buy those with your nonexistent supply fund?" Have to love a kid with a sense of humor. Actually, it was a sweet way to show appreciation for what the teachers are doing for them this year.

1 family reunion to attend at my favorite lake next weekend.

60 days to figure out the Spring All School Production. (I am struggling!)

26 more days until a girls weekend with HS friends. Can't wait!

Well, back to grading. Oh yeah, and a bazillion excuses I can come up with to procrastinate.

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