Sunday, November 13, 2016

Oh My

And I wonder why I don't have time to blog.

*In the last month, I have presented at the state English conference. (Prior to that there was a proposal to write, a slide presentation to develop, and practicing with my colleagues.) We enjoyed two days at the State Conference and have a school team coming to visit with us about our presentation in early December.

*Our basement has literally been emptied completely so that the new walls, flooring. and painting can be finished. If this isn't done by Thanksgiving, there is a contractor that is going to be permanently on my list.

*Parent/Teacher conferences are over for another year. That sure takes a bite out of a week.

*We celebrated Halloween with a little clown, skunk, and a "tark." (Shark.) They were too cute for words. (What a year to be a clown! But this one was adorable with a pink wig and a nose that lit up!)

*Friends from long ago enjoyed a girls weekend in the Ozarks. A classmate has a condo there, and it is fun to enjoy it for one last gasp of lake season.
We have also been to Big City to celebrate a Big 3 year old's birthday. How can we tell he is 3? It is much more difficult to take a picture of that cute little face without some strange expression. Oh, boy!
And yes, every nativity scene must have a camel on the roof. (!!)

Then you can add in writing lesson plans for 4 different classes, grading way too many papers, and organizing for the spring All School Production (auditions in December) AND for Forensics season which begins in January.

Drama class has performed in the first lunchtime theater performance of the year, and the 2nd is set to go this week.

Finally, I'm not sure how I managed to live 59 years without having a serious bladder infection or UTI, but I finally had my first. I'm also not sure how long I noticed symptoms, but I waited far too long to go to the doctor. Thankfully, I take antibiotics so rarely that when I do, they really kick in!

We are looking forward to the holidays. (Well, we REALLY are if the house is put back together again--otherwise, it could be quite interesting.)

One final shot: the Bloody Mary at brunch a couple of weeks ago. Now that is a garnish!

I know life is going to slow down again, but I'm not quite sure when. Looking back at blogging, this is year two of me teaching the new curriculum and also year two of very little blog time. There is a definite connection.

If Easy Street is strangely quiet, now you know why! 

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Cousins said...

THANK first I thought that
photo was your bladder! Love you my CrAzY CoUsIn!!