Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Recap

In the last few hours of 2016, I'll take a look back at this year.

*Our basement had emergency remodeling thanks to broken pipes and then some flooding.
*I completed my first Forensics team season, and first complete year of teaching speech, drama, and forensics.
*My car had a nasty hit and run at school. The story was fairly funny once the police figured out that the girl who had fingered another girl was actually the driver that did the damage. (It pays to offer a $100 reward for information. And no, I didn't pay it to the accuser.)
*Father of the Bride turned out to be one of the best shows we've done.
*My favorite author, Harper Lee, died while I was teaching her novel.
*The grandkids are now 5, 3, and 1. The littlest had a tough year of allergies. She was allergic to so many foods, but she is slowly outgrowing them.
*Standards Based Grading is now school wide in core subjects.
*High school friends managed two girls weekends this year. We went to Iowa to visit another high school friend and had the best time. In the fall, we went to the lake condo we have enjoyed so many times. We're lucky that Barb has one for us to enjoy.
*Spring Break we went to a huge zoo with K's family.
*We babysat all the grands at their houses: E for a long weekend and the little girls for several days.
*We visited a lake cabin to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.
*The Mr. and I Enjoyed U town football games, and I loved a Shakespeare festival performance of Julius Caesar.
*The Bug played her first piano solo "Away In A Manger." Her great-grandmother had to be so pleased.
*The English department presented on Standards Based Grading at our state English conference.

In 2016 I have discovered:

LulaRoe clothing line (almost an addiction...!)
Cherry Brandy
My shoulders are shot! 
Amazon Prime
Moscow Mules and Bloody Marys (not together)
Amazon Fire Stick- probably the wave of the future for TV viewing
Ozark Mountain aluminum water cup and aluminum straw
Converse tennis shoes (actually a re-discovery)
The Apple Watch and iPhone 6 (I am always a generation behind on phones--cheaper.)
One Word Movement

Wishing you (and all of us) a happy new year!

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