Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Here it is the 6th of December already.

So far, I have...
seen a big city Christmas show with L & CB.
finished the Christmas decorating.
used plan periods for grading and writing finals.
conducted the first night of auditions for the spring show.
shopped online for a few more gifts for the littles.
met with some teachers from another school for an afternoon of discussing Standards Based Grading.
and attended a local small business fair with K and the girls to see Santa.

I love December...

the tree and sparkly lights
packages and bows
little kids with Santa
the first snow...still waiting on that one, but maybe tomorrow
Christmas Carols and Advent candles
trips to look at the lights
Christmas cookies and candy
stockings hung with care
the music and the movies of the season

I hate December...

static electricity
dragging out the decorations, but worse--taking them down
stuffy noses
cold feet
finals, finals, and finals
grading, grading, and grading

And that, my friends, is the split personality I deal with daily.  Ho! Ho! Ho!

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