Monday, January 16, 2017

The Ice Day Cometh

The ice storm was kind of a bust. (OK by me.) In spite of that, we didn't have school at Tiny Town High today. It was a little slick. And it might have been guilt over messing up the calendar and not having Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off. (We're off next Monday. Weird.)

Because of this bonus day, I am caught up on grading and planning.

I wish I could say that my cold/cough was much better, but it really isn't. If I'm not better by morning, I will try to get into the Dr. in the afternoon. My chest is starting to hurt from the deep coughing. That being said, many people say this bug lasts for several weeks. Lovely.

We shall see...

The next time we have an ice/snow day, I better be caught up with everything AND healthy. I would really like to enjoy the day.

For now, I will enjoy being caught up!

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