Saturday, March 18, 2017

First Two Days of Break

Boy, did I need this break! And so far, so good.

I have to begin with the Mr.'s Thursday Birthday Breakfast. The T's joined us at a local cafe for breakfast before school and work.

                                             Long John with lit candle courtesy of the Tiny Town Mayor--also former student.  Pretty sweet!

Yesterday, I made a trip to Big City to see L, CB, and little man E. I dropped off a birthday gift for the oldest of the CC's. Then L and I went to have our hair cut. I decided to chop off a bit more than usual. It feels like spring now.

Little Big Brother, Sweet SIL, the Mr. and I went out for St. Patrick's Day dinner of Lamb Stew and Corn Beef Brisket and Cabbage. It was delicious. And the bagpiper was just icing on the cake.

The weather today was beautiful. I dug out the spring clothes: shorts, t-shirts, capri pants, and sandals. I stored quite a few winter clothes away. (There's a good pile for Goodwill, too.)

I just pulled in the laundry from the line for the first time this year. Nothing beats the fresh smell of line-dried laundry.

After a trip back to the doctor on Thursday, I now have 2 inhalers, several new medications, and hopefully am about to lose this miserable cough for good. The flip side is I don't shake it, I will be having more tests. I feel better today, so hopefully, this is the last of it. Uninterrupted sleep would be the best part of the recovery.

And this is me, doing my hair today.  Not quite the same. Think the hairdresser will move in with me??

Still on the agenda for break: a little sewing, a cabin trip to a lake for a couple days, and heading to the theater to see Beauty and the Beast. I am looking forward to rest and recharging my batteries a little. I'm pretty sure the Mr. will be thrilled to have the coughing/gagging done. Fingers crossed.

Did I mention there will be a hot tub at the cabin? I feel better already.

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