Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Weekend and Catch Up Post #2

We had a relaxing weekend: yard work, a trip to the cemeteries, pizza lunch with some of the Mr.'s family, and a hot dog roast at Little Big Brother's house.
The dogs were the stars of the hot dog roast. (Well, s'mores and potato chips were a hit, too.)

And that was the end of our Memorial Weekend: sticky fingers, marshmallow/chocolate faces, and well-fed dogs.

Now for the catching up #2:  Easter and then the birthday celebration for the littlest Miss.

This was Year #3 of someone crying because of that darn ol' Easter Bunny. This year was little L's turn. Easter Eggs and baskets, bow ties, and sweet dresses--all things Easter.

The littlest L celebrated her 2nd birthday at the end of April. One of these years the child is going to have nice weather for her birthday--just not yet. Year 1 was freezing cold, and Year 2 was pouring. Due to the rain, this year's party was moved inside. It was supposed to be a tailgate at Sissy's last soccer game, but the game was cancelled-- so on to Plan B.
Fortunately, one of her gifts was a bouncy house. That came in handy for her party.

Lots of little kids + an empty room with glass windows and cement walls + a bouncy house and wild games = more noise that I am used to.

However, the bouncy house came in a distant second of  Little L's gifts, at least according to E. He loved that little trampoline. (They all did, but he just jumped and jumped.)

Hopefully, by the time the Littlest L can remember her birthday, the weather will cooperate for her party.
This last group was just some other randoms: a May Day Basket delivery (those are so much fun), E helping Papa make pancakes, dyeing Easter Eggs, Troll hats, Easter flowers and jelly beans, Easter Egg hunting, a trip to a winery near U town, and a celebration at Fro Yo for the last day of school.

The "Create Your Own Sunshine" centerpiece was from a celebration for retiring teachers and recognition for teachers who had served 15, 25, and 35 years in the district. I just finished year 35. I'm not retiring, but the way the write-up was worded it sounded like I was. I had texts, cards, and emails for my "retirement." I had to tell them that I am TIRED, just not RETIRED.

The shoe picture was to celebrate my favorite new shoe find: Bobs by Sketchers. I love them. I've always liked the look of Toms, but I hate how flat they are. Bobs have a little bit of a wedge heel and a cushy insole. I think part of the profits from these shoes goes to animal shelters. Comfy shoe and a good cause--you can't beat that!

The last couple months of school are always hectic, but we try to cram in quite a bit of fun, too.

Looking at these pictures of the grandkids, I know I  need to keep up with blogging. They have all changed so much. The Bug is sooooo ready for Kindergarten. E is no longer a toddler, but a real little man. And the Littlest L pretty much potty trained herself and has developed quite the personality. They are so much fun and also funny little people. I need to write so I don't forget some of the hilarious things they say and do.

Until next time...

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