Friday, May 26, 2017

Where to Start? Back to the Birthday

I'm going to play catch up. I guess we'll head back to my 60th birthday. (60??!!! Wow!)

My birthday celebration was darn near a month long. It started with Spring Break and ended the first week of April.

You can go back and see the big family celebration on the weekend before my birthday here.

But the celebrating wasn't quite over. I ordered 90 pieces of cake to serve my classes on the big day. (I've been celebrating birthdays in a BIG way ever since I almost didn't have a 49th.) However, I wasn't expecting to walk into my room and see that K and the Bug had been busy. My party decorations made their way into the school, the sign and balloons in the hallway and  a "love you Nana" note on the board.

To top it off, I was receiving all kinds of cards and emails from staff. I kept wondering how they knew it was my birthday. Finally, I figured out that K had held a card shower for me.  Paybacks are heck--and I have photo evidence of quite a few things. K will be watching her back for awhile.

The weekend after my birthday I went to see "Beautiful," the Carole King Broadway Show, with two friends from high school days. What a great show and a wonderful almost end to quite a bit of celebrating!
My birthday wasn't quite over. I ended it by buying an airplane ticket to visit little sis in California in June. I requested a return trip to the Spa with the mud baths and massages and a visit to the Korbel Champagne Winery. We had such a good time at both of those places several years back. AND I can't wait to catch up with the Cali nieces and families.

Turning 60 was quite fun.  I highly recommend it.

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