Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 1

I think this is the end of my photo dumping: graduation, Teacher Appreciation, and even my May Basket from the two little girls here in town.

The top corner is a quilt our FAC's class made. They make these for people connected to our school who are going through a bad time, usually someone enduring health issues. They made this for the son of our secretary, who was also a former student. His senior year in high school he had a melanoma removed from his back. His cancer returned twice over the next 20 years and he fought it bravely, but he succumbed to the disease at age 39 about a week before this photo was taken. Our community has been sick. He left behind a beautiful family and many friends. He was a leader, a funny guy, an adored big brother, a hero to his two little boys, and a loved personality. I will always remember his writing skills--and his incredible sense of humor. Our world became a bit richer and a bit more inspired because of his approach to his disease and his approach to both his life and his death, but the hole he leaves in his family and our community will be felt for years.

Sadness and celebration. I guess that is the story of our lives. Well, at least it has been the story of life on Easy Street for the past few months.

Happy June!

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Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed "catching up" with you! Cousin BJB