Wednesday, June 28, 2017

June- By the Numbers

4- Sessions attended at an English Unconference. I took quite a few notes and learned more about promoting reading, writer's workshop, and school technology.

1 1/2- At that conference I met a blog friend. She is even prettier (and taller) than her blog indicates. Why the half? I met one of her daughters who is adorable. She's a teacher, too.

1- Portable spa. The Mr.'s legs and hips have been giving him grief. We have talked about buying a hot tub, but so many people spend quite a bit of money to buy them, use them for awhile, and then they sit unused. For Father's Day I invested a whopping $346 for a portable Coleman spa. It was an easy setup. It isn't a hot tub because it doesn't really have jets--but instead is more like a bubble spa. How long will it hold up? I have no idea. But I could replace this 10 times and still not reach the cost of a permanent hot tub. The amount of use over the next few months will determine whether we invest in a permanent hot tub. Oh, and the Mr. says his legs are feeling better.

20+- Episodes of Gilmore Girls I have watched on Netflix. That has been my summer guilty pleasure. real summer guilty pleasure begins tonight with the Big Brother reality show on CBS.

6- Hours spent on computer, trying to plan our vacation on the Great River Road in late July. I hate planning a vacation. I just like GOING on vacation.

3- Girls headed to NYC in December. K, L, and I are making a trip to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree and NYC sites. I can't wait.

Right now, that is June in a nutshell. And now, back to figuring out what I am doing for Reading Hour at the library tomorrow. Procrastination works for me!

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