Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer Solstice

On the longest day of the year, I should have been doing something exciting. I did manage to meet with my retired colleague and catch up on the news. We don't see each other daily any more, so it took about three hours to catch up over lunch and a glass of wine. That was the best part of my day.

I managed to put my teaching work away. I am planning to ignore it until the end of July. HOWEVER...

Directing work occupied most of the day. The Summer Solstice and I was immersed in Christmas. I spent the day figuring out the main set for A Christmas Carol. Eventually, I will have to create a list of what my stagecraft class will be building.

In the evening, Little Big Brother and I spent some time figuring out the music-- solos, group numbers, and music for the children. We've sketched in some ideas that won't be finalized until auditions. And now the search for a Fiddler and a bass player for our pit band begins.

There is a good chance that the next few days will be Christmas in June on Easy Street. Good times.
"To begin with, Marley was dead..."  See. Good times.

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