Sunday, July 9, 2017

Photo Dumping

The end of June saw me in Big City, taking care of E while Mommy was working.
E and I hit the parks and Target, then rode the neighborhood sidewalks. That evening we all went out for supper.

July 1 we had the chance to catch up with Big Brother's family--and especially his new little granddaughter who was visiting from Seattle.
I babysat for the little girls on July 3rd, while Mommy and Daddy went to a funeral. Sweet SIL and LuLu hosted an impromptu tea party in the morning. That evening we watched the little girls shoot their fireworks.
Finally, I have made a couple of trips down to the farm. The little girls and their Mommy made one trip with me. The second trip included a tour of the old swimming hole and several other spots around the farm.
So far, this month has been quite enjoyable. I have:

*walked Baxter in the mornings.
*enjoyed the spa every evening.
*worked at school to arrange the Drama Costumes and set pieces a bit more.
*spent time with family.

We have quite a few more things planned for July: Some travel, some family visits, and a bit of work sprinkled in there so I don't freak out come August!

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