Tuesday, August 1, 2017

And it's August...!

August 1st is here already. I can't believe it. This summer has been so much fun that I hope I am ready to go back to school in a couple of weeks.

The Mr. and I just got back from a trip to Lake Superior and some travel on the Great River Road. Here is a photo dump of our relaxing vacation.
 Lake Superior at Two Harbors
 Our lodge had a restaurant on the 2nd floor with a great deck. 
This was the start of our eating every meal outside.
 While in Two Harbors we visited Gooseberry Falls and the Split Rock Lighthouse.
 Then, we visited Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin--almost one city, except for the state line that separates them.
 Duluth has a wonderful lake walk that is about 6 miles long--and beautiful!

 There is quite a bit of shopping just off the lake walk.
 Rick loved watching this bridge which raises and lowers to allow ships, sailboats, and excursion boats through.
Lighthouses seemed to be the theme of this part of our trip.
 I should say lighthouses, marinas and eating outside. This was the view from our lunch spot.

 Leaving Lake Superior, we took the Wisconsin side of the Great River Road along the Mississippi River. 
This cabin? This was Laura Ingalls Wilders birthplace and setting for Little House in the Big Woods.
Pepin Lake is part of the Mississippi, and this was just a short jaunt off the River Road. 
The Mr. was a good sport and let me stop in at their museum in the town of Pepin, too.
Even along the River Road, we found marinas and restaurants. 
The Pickle Factory is a bar and grill for both boaters and road travelers. 
This was the only time on our trip that eating outside was warm--a little too warm. It felt like we were at home.
Our final meal "out" was in Amana, Iowa. 
We visited one of the colonies before heading back to pick up Baxter, who had been on vacation with L, CB, and E.
This was the sunrise on our last morning on Lake Superior. We hated to leave such a beautiful place and the lovely temperatures.
Now we are back home, and it is actually fairly cool. I was hoping to hold on to this relaxed, peaceful vacation--and bringing the cooler temperatures with us might make it easier.

And yet...I have a new class to plan for, a new English II teacher to coordinate with, and then auditions for the musical will be the first full week of school. Have I mentioned that there are still two more tech days next week? There is quite a bit to do before August 14. (Teachers first day back.)

So what am I doing? Blogging.

Procrastination is my middle name.  *sigh!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I love visiting water- oceans, lakes, rivers. The marinas seem to have the best eating establishments! I understand your procrastination. I am presenting at one of our in-service sessions and having a very difficult time getting it put together! Cousin BJB